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Rule the rhythm, traveller

You think you know block-matching games, and then you play Pulses.

Pulses actually was Ventura’s very first game. It all started in a back yard, in the evening, with some sketches on paper. A couple of interesting years later, we’re ready to share it with you.

If you remember Tetris and Lumines, then Pulses will make you smile. It’s our own homage to a block-matching genre that seems to have disappeared under a flood of two-second Crush Pop Hot Sagas. It rewards quick-witted thinking more than reflexes, and allows you to build as many matches as you like (within the board, of course), before letting you clear the board. All in your own time, all at your pace.

If we’re not trying to kill you with death timers and blocks dropping from the ceiling at regular intervals, of course.

With three completely separate gameplay modes, a fourth remix mode, and gameplay that adapts to your skill, Pulses is a challenge that anyone who’s ever been interested in block-matching outside of Facebook should try.

Available on

A living board, with gravity and piece drops that the player controls

All-new “pulse” method, where the player controls when the board is cleared

Four game modes

64 fiendish, designed levels

Three endless modes to test and soothe your nerves

Polished, high-end 2D graphics