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Pulses – Crystal Journeys

The Crystal worlds await!

You liked Pulses. We liked Pulses. So we made another one.

Featuring a mix of old and new locations in glorious, eyeball-melting 1080p HD, Pulses – Crystal Journeys does more than just look prettier than its predecessor. It also features bombs.

Building on the fast-paced, Match-X gameplay of the original, Crystal Journeys adds a range of new features and obstacles that will test your ability to think on your feet. Fight against the clock as you clear out blocked tiles and impenetrable walls with multipliers, extra timers and explosions in your arsenal.

There’s a 20 step tutorial to guide you through the basic features of the game, a Journey procedural game mode¬†that grow increasingly harder as you progress, and we also threw in 36 hard-as-nails challenges that you won’t pass unless you master each power-up and game mechanic fully.

Building up on the strengths of innovative gameplay and fast-paced arcade block dropping that has nothing to do with sagas, candy, pop or rocks, we have refined the formula for the modern marriage of Tetris and Lumines. Who are we to stand in the way of such a beautiful union?

Available on

Steam (soon)

A real board with real pieces to shuffle, switch and drop

You control when the board clears by triggering a Pulse

Two procedural game modes and 36 hard-as-nails designed challenge levels

Three power-ups to craft in-game: bombs, timers and score multipliers

4 new HD backdrops, and 8 remastered locations

Like, we said “bombs” up there. What are you doing still reading this? GO PLAY!