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Pulses Academy

An adventure of magic, matching, and mayhem!

Pulses Academy is currently in development.

Building on the refreshing match-x gameplay of Pulses and Pulses 2, Academy adds a new dimension to your gem-matching: things trying to kill you.

And things that blow up. And some stuff covered in poison clouds. But mostly, it’s going to be about advancing the match-3 formula, focusing Pulses’ trademark freeform matching gameplay around an array of spells that players will have to judiciously call on in order to solve an array of dastardly puzzles and situations.

Battle your way to 50+ levels as the single player story unfolds its twists that definitely contain giant spiders, giant slimes and evil cultists out for your soul. Then, take your finely honed matching skills, and bring them online, to challenge other Pulses players to intense real-time magic matching battles that depend on your ability to react to their spells as much as they do on your matching prowess.

Pulses Academy is currently in early Beta, and is slated for release somewhere in the first half of 2017. Ish.

Available on

Windows (in development)