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Cave Diver

Tap to dive.

Cave Diver is a simple experiment in playability. Completely devoid of narration, gameplay options, hats and other collectibles, it’s a tightly focused experience designed to challenge, madden and entertain.

Tap to dive, and let buoyancy bring you back up. Use these simple commands to navigate increasingly more complex underwater mazes – that’s all there is to it, for hours and hours of fun as you chase that simple element that modern gaming seems to be losing track of: the highest score.

Connect to social platforms to boast about your highest scores, and let your friends despair in envy at your perfect results. Then, take another dive. Cave Diver is free to play and ad-sponsored.

Available on

iOS (free)

Android (free)

Fast, no-nonsense gameplay

High quality 2D graphics from down under

Swims much better than a bird

Fully optional ads

Native achievements and leaderboards