It has to be a good sign when, two years in, in the middle of battling the deathless evils of HTML and CSS, you still occasionally stop to admire just how awesome your company logo is. It means you’ve at least done something right down the line, because them deathless evils? Evil.

As you might have noticed, we overhauled our website. The reasons were technical and complicated, and it was time to refresh our content to best reflect what we’ve been up to.

After taking stock of our best interactions over the last two years, our blog posts have a more prominent role on the front page, and we’ve extended our social meanderings to Instagram, which is an amazing, responsive community of crazy people where we felt at home right away.

The site relaunch coincides with a series of upcoming news and releases, some of which you can glimpse in the our games section. The rest we only barely teased, but will be equally momentous.

Enjoy the new look – we know we loved it, mostly because half of the site’s development time sounded like a stoner comedy filled with “whoa man, was that this awesome yesterday? It’s awesome”, so we kinda like it, and hope you do too.