It is with a big smile on our faces that we sit down and write this press release thing.

After a lengthy road that came all the way to the end of Greenlight, and straight into Steam Direct, today we release Deep Horizon for Windows, on Steam. That’s right. The little swimming guy is out on the big gaming guy. Let the clicking and coin collecting commence!

Deep Horizon is a smooth little underwater game that for once doesn’t have you saving the world from apocalyptic evil. It’s a bite-sized platformer-without-platforms that lets you revisit your most primal, ancient passions: collecting coins and getting all the gold stars in all the levels.

With crisp retro-styled graphics and tough challenges that will make you rethink just how much you can hate a level designer, Deep Horizon launches with a 40% discount, and a full set of Steam Achievements.

Because bullet points are a thing, here’s some:

  • Full gamepad support, fully playable with just a mouse
  • 24 hand-crafted levels, filled with secrets and dastardly traps
  • Enjoy 360 degrees of freedom platforming
  • Crisp retro graphics

What are you waiting for? Take a cool, refreshing break on Steam right now!