Once upon a time, we made a game called Pulses. Then, we made a sequel to it, called Pulses 2.

At some point, Steam lowered its mighty gates to those without means or desire to engage in beauty pageants, and so we remixed, remuxed, and remastered the first two games in the Pulses universe, and re-released them on Steam, as Pulses – Crystal Journeys.

With a more stable back-end, and sharper HD graphics, Pulses – Crystal Journeys is set to bring its Match-X gameplay to the great Steam community, and we’re both well chuffed and curious to see what you think about it.

The same key features that made Pulses so dear to our hearts remain, and they include:

  • A real board with real pieces to switch, switch and drop.
  • You control when the board clears, with a Pulse.
  • Two procedural game modes, and 36 harder-than-you-can-imagine puzzle levels.
  • Three power-ups you can craft yourself at any time, in-game: bombs, timers and score multipliers.
  • A total of 12 location backdrops.
  • We said “bombs”. What are you doing still here?

Pulses – Crystal Journeys is available for less than the price of two chocolate bars of your choosing, and you can even get it at a spiffy launch discount. Head over to the Steam Store page, for more details, and a sneak peek at the trailer!