The rumours of our demise are… well, nonexistent because everyone’s been running around with their hair on fire, some to protest the most recent USA president-elect, and some to celebrate him. But to those with level heads and discerning tastes who did wonder what we’ve been up to, we can say: a lot.

First off, we launched Pulses on GameHouse, localized it, fixed all the localizations, fixed the gameplay that the localization fixes had broken, and finally released it in 143,765 languages. Maybe it was only 8, but it might have well been that other number. Pulses did well with critics, but not so well with the casual crowd, which expected a Candy-inspired slide fest, and instead got a dose of old school Tetris in their teeth.

pulses2_win_-11-28-05-301 So, we learned from that, and immediately started working on Pulses 2. Iteration is everything, and we’re starting to get the hang of this development thing, so the new game’s infrastructure was rewritten from the ground up to be… well, not crap.

With a powerful, expandable and modular gameplay management system, we built the groundwork of what will be at least the next two iterations of the game. The first thing you may care about is an interactive, fully playable, nearly unscripted tutorial that takes you through the basics of gameplay.

pulses2_win_-11-30-25-312 The other thing you should care about is that Pulses 2 features bombs. Yeah, you get to match pieces in specific combinations to create bombs, and then you make them bomb all over the place, clearing pieces, smashing unclearable tiles, and so on. There’s other stuff too, like timers and multipliers and stuff, but BOMBS. Seriously, if once we say that you’re not clicking on the game link on GameHouse to test it out, then maybe we shouldn’t be talking because we just don’t get you.

While Pulses 2 was going on all over the place, we also started on the basic app that will power the soon-to-be-revealed stuff in our site’s enigmatic Health section. It’s coming, it’s real, and it’s going to be awesome, and it kind of makes us grin to think about it. Nah, not going to tell you more.

deephorizon_sitepreview1 Last week we wrapped up the Alpha of Deep Horizon. All levels are in, all features are in, we’re just going to cook it for a little while longer to polish up gameplay and graphics. Deep Horizon is Cave Diver for PC. Except instead of being a single-tap flappy bird clone, it’s a 360 degrees of freedom platformer with designed levels, puzzles and stuff. We’ll have more to show soon, once the first beauty pass is done.

What else? More Pulses is happening, as we gear up towards a full-featured release on other distribution platforms. We’re still around, and kicking, and great, fun stuff is coming your way soon. Thank you for caring, it means a lot!