Today we can finally introduce you to Salvage Heroes, our second mobile game for iOS and Android devices.

Salvage Heroes is the culmination of six months of hard work, and we hope you enjoy its hand-crafted brand of fast action and arcade cruelty as you explore its ever-shifting, massive levels on your tiny hand-held screens.

Play as a Salvager, the future’s own rocket sleigh archeologists, and go deep! Search for treasure, avoid deadly traps, and always, always monitor your oxygen levels. Maybe, if you’re particularly good and plenty lucky, you’ll be able to retrieve one of the fabled relics of times past.

We made Salvage Heroes with playability in mind, and so we included three separate control methods that should suit most playing styles. Silly as it might sound, we think that precise controls are vital so that when you die 12 inches from the final relic in that high difficulty job, you have no reason to seek us in the middle of the night to torch our houses. You were just too slow, how about you try again?

Following our lifelong fascination with pretty light effects, Salvage Heroes uses a custom fullscreen shader and several layers of little tricks and bobs to simulate a dynamic lighting system. The darkness in the lowest parts of the dungeons you’ll explore has its own, evil mind, and you’ll be the only light in the ruins.

We made Salvage Heroes free. You can watch an ad after each match to gain more coin to get more upgrades for your ship, but that’s it. In a way, this game is a labour of love that doesn’t hit any of the required trending bits of the popular kids – we just really wanted to make this one, and hope you have some fun with it.

Head over here for more information on Salvage Heroes, and to find out where you can download it for free on your mobile device of choice. Remember: go deep!