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The story so far

After two decades of corporate experience, tired of the grind and suffering, we decided to get together and found what would eventually become Ventura Science.

One is a patron, the other is a dreamer. Our experience is in marketing, advertising and finance. We launched major advertising campaigns, and helped manage one of Europe’s largest advertising networks. The technology we fostered during those years now powers the world’s largest publisher. However, we’re trying to leave all that evil stuff behind, because life is too short not to try and pursue your passions at least once.

We make video games, and we develop health products. Making people healthy so they can enjoy our video games is our master plan for world domination. How about it? Want to join us?


Guilty parties


After his formative years as a card-carrying computer nerd, Alan founded what would eventually become Bannerconnect. This was back in the mists of time, which is what we call 2004, when online advertising was young and cutting edge and exciting.

It was a ride. After suffering embezzlement that nearly crippled the company, Alan took the reins of finance and all things monetary, officially becoming the Money Man, or as boring people would know him, the company’s CFO. It was a time of sacrifice and gritty decisions, but the company survived, and thrived. The period of growth that followed saw more challenges rise, not the least that of managing a growing company in an evolving market.

In between executive duties and financial money number stuff, Alan pursued his passion for sports and fast cars, and was one of the driving forces behind the early success of Techconnect Magazine and later Gameconnect. His first foray into game production was founding and managing finance, HR and recruitment for Interwave Studios, which produced award-wining Nuclear Dawn and Dark Matter.

Twelve years later, online advertising was still young and exciting, but Alan knew it was time to tackle a series of grown-up challenges, and so he founded Ventura Science, where he is going to drill you into health and enjoying yourself for your own good, because it’s what you need, and you know it, so drop down and give him 20.


Pursuing his passion for a job that would allow him to daydream and not actually have to perform any labour, Igor first joined Gameconnect as a news and reviews writer. Apparently his capacity for making stuff up was too good to be wasted on games, and so he joined the Techconnect Magazine team. This triggered a golden age that saw the humble publication hit a million uniques a day.

His sins did not go unnoticed, and it wasn’t long before he moved to Bannerconnect, where it took him the best part of half a decade to come to terms with the fact that he was essentially being paid to make stuff up. At the core of what would eventually become one of Europe’s most relevant advertising companies, he learned how to deal with people without strangling anyone, which people call management.

Eventually, unsettled by just how easy it was to engage in the Dark Arts of marketing, he found himself leading development and design of Nuclear Dawn at InterWave Studios with Alan. The game won a national Dutch award for original design of the year in 2012. When InterWave closed after its second title, he briefly returned to Bannerconnect, where it took him six months to decide it was time to move on to pursuing true passion.

An international man of mystery in the sense that he is confused about where he is and doesn’t know what he’s doing, he partnered with Alan to see just how much more stuff they can make up for your enjoyment.

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