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Salvage Heroes

Go deep, hero!

Salvage Heroes is our second mobile game – a fast, tough and pretty horizontal scrolling platformer.

Play as a far future archaeologist, strap yourself in a chair tied to an engine and an oxygen tank, and rush madly through ancient, buried skyscrapers to retrieve precious artefacts from the gilded past.

With two separate game modes, a fully upgradable vehicle, and an endless variety of gameplay, Salvage Heroes is designed to test both your reflexes and quick tactical thinking. Are you going to try and get that elusive relic up there in the corner, or are you going to mind your oxygen bar and just rush towards your ultimate goal? Should you try and grab all those coins, or just get out alive? How about staring at that pretty red light coming out of the turret-like device? Don’t do the last one.

After the simpler nature of Cave Diver, we felt the need to sink our teeth into something a little meatier. So, of course we went and squeezed 200-floor levels in a mobile. That wasn’t enough yet, so we also went and made a hybrid procedural level generator. Then, we also developed a special endless mode that will make you tear your hair out.

As well as providing near-endless gameplay variation by mixing fully randomized floors and predesigned gameplay chunks, Salvage Heroes plays along however you like, with three completely different control methods: tilt your device, use the halves of the screen, or simply rely on on-screen buttons. We know that controls are the most important part of a game, and so we took a while to make sure that when you fair over and over again to get that relic, the fault is all yours.

Graphically, this is our most demanding game to date, with full 3D environments, and a custom lighting system that pushes the boundaries of what mobiles are typically capable of in 3D. Salvage Heroes looks good, plays well and punishes careless players with brutal death. It’s also free and ad-supported, so what are you waiting for, exactly?

Available on

iOS (out now!)

Android (out now!)

Fast-paced gameplay

Huge levels on mobile devices

3D graphics with a custom light system

Two game modes, three difficulty levels

Upgrade your ship to survive the hardest levels

Full set of social achievements

Conquer the leaderboards