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Facebook Gameroom vs Steam

Go on Facebook, they said. It’s great for games, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. They were, as usual, talking out their backsides, with no practical experience to back their claims. The fact that Facebook is a developer-friendly platform is a myth that just won’t die. Let’s see if this story changes any minds.

We don’t need no scene management

Unity3D 5.3 introduced a new, powerful scene management system that had been in the works for a good long while. Its new SceneManager class is powerful, supports additive scene loading, and even on-the-fly scene creation, identification and, well, management. We haven’t used it once. Don’t mistake this for criticism of the system itself. As we…

You won’t believe the tech in your retro games

There is something mesmerizing about big, jagged monsters trying to eat a player’s face. There has to be, because retro-styled games are all the rage: last year alone, billions of picture elements (pixels, you know) powered hundreds of indie game successes. Gazillions of blocky faces were eaten. Would it surprise you to know that you’re…

It’s not you, it’s us

The rumours of our demise are… well, nonexistent because everyone’s been running around with their hair on fire, some to protest the most recent USA president-elect, and some to celebrate him. But to those with level heads and discerning tastes who did wonder what we’ve been up to, we can say: a lot. First off,…

This is not how you develop

Developing video games is often a matter of elegance, a struggle between limited resources and dreams that just won’t let us quit. Great game makers know how to infuse each element of their games with love, dread and heartbreak. They toil with benedictine care to use as little as possible to achieve moments that stay…

Introducing Salvage Heroes

Today we can finally introduce you to Salvage Heroes, our second mobile game for iOS and Android devices. Salvage Heroes is the culmination of six months of hard work, and we hope you enjoy its hand-crafted brand of fast action and arcade cruelty as you explore its ever-shifting, massive levels on your tiny hand-held screens….

A year in, Cave Diver’s lessons

In spite of neglect and passing a full year without updates of any kind, Cave Diver continues to attract users and a minuscule but still significant amount of advertising revenue. Let’s take a look at what that taught us.

The Christmas Salvager

The sleigh screamed across the deserted corridors. The fury of its twin engines splashed on the walls with a glacial glow that cast deep shadows in the abandoned doorways of the buried skyscraper, gifting them a half life of shifting darkness as it passed by. Magnetic levitation kept it clear of most debris on the floor, and…

Random is bad. Until it’s fun.

Go full Rogue, or go home. That’s always been my take on procedural content generation in games. Naturally then the recent slew of games that call upon the holy name of roguelike, when they’re actually just randomizing some small amount of variables in an otherwise largely designed game, enrages and annoys.